Employee Testimonials

  • Simon, Bangor

    “Since joining TP, I have to say I have received excellent training and development in all my roles and it is most definitely a great place to work. I see TP as a progressive company that is always looking for innovative ideas to improve its services to employees and clients.

    I’ve enjoyed working towards targets both individually and as part of a team to help achieve my campaign’s goals and objectives. As Team Leader I love the daily interaction with the many different people and I have built some great professional relationships within the workplace” 

  • Innocent, Bristol

    “I am having an excellent experience working in Teleperformance. This company offers more than a job. Here you can build a career. I’ve received excellent training and development opportunities are limitless if you are ambitious. The friendly atmosphere of my team and its diversity make every working day a pleasure. I highly recommend this company.” 

  • Mark, Bangor

    “I have been working for Teleperformance for the past 10 months and I am really enjoying my time with the company.

    I left my car after-sales job as the hours did not suit me. Teleperformance provided me with flexibility and shifts that suited me and the atmosphere within the company is a great factor.

    The training courses that are provided are really exciting and the opportunity to climb the ladder within Teleperformance excites me!”  

  • Rick, Bristol

    “I have worked on a number of campaigns within Teleperformance now and have always been impressed with the high standards of training, Not only for the job role itself but the support available once training is completed. 

    I have always experienced a willingness to help attitude throughout Teleperformance and that friendly and approachable nature is something that makes your working day a lot nicer.” 

  • Siraj, Birmingham

    “TP has provided me with the perfect grounding and structure to help me achieve my goals and deliver my targets. The working environment can be described as ‘open, relaxed, very engaging, informative, interesting and above all fun'.

    The available support and training allows employees to interact, while learning skills and knowledge which can be applied to their individual roles. The trainers/team leaders have also provided excellent 1-1 specific and individually tailored training and coaching to staff which was found to be extremely beneficial by both the trainee and the campaign, as a whole. The skills I learned will be invaluable to me.

    Excellent and highly recommended.” 

  • Peter, Bangor

    “I originally joined Teleperformance after being made redundant from my previous employment.  I was initially worried about the change in profession as I had only worked in the hospitality for the previous 6years.  I was eased into Teleperformance by receiving 2 weeks of training which went along way to remove my initial worries.  The 2 weeks of training made sure I was prepared in the best way possible to do the task at hand.  If I had any further queries or problems the Management where very approachable and tried to help in any way possible whether it was a business or personal problem. 

    The campaign had targets in which needed to be met and if we required any assistance in reaching these we would of been monitored or coached in a positive manner to help us reach our goals.  It is rewarding to know that I am assisting customers in the best possible way, whether it was through a phone call or an email. 

    The company provided me and others with further education by offering courses such as NVQ's and Progression Course's which I would recommend everyone to try and sign up for. 

    Overall I would recommend Teleperformance to anyone.  They operate with a professional attitude and offer great progression course's to ensure those wishing to achieve ambition that the foundation is there for them to work from.” 

  • Mathieu, Bristol

    “Teleperformance has given me the opportunity to work in an international and culturally diverse environment where I can use my different languages.  I work with a great team of people and together we deliver excellent customer service. For all these reasons, I recommend everyone to apply.”  

  • Jim, Kilmarnock

    “I have been employed by Teleperformance for almost three years having been made redundant from my previous profession.  The change to a new area of work was made easy by an initial training period which was great. Management and other advisors who work here are a very friendly bunch with the Team Managers being very helpful. 

    Targets are set and help is given to ensure they are met.  Help can also be given to allow flexibility of working if and when the need arises.  It is gratifying when you are able to help customers resolve issues on the phone and the company provides a good and friendly working environment I would recommend to others.”

  • Michael, Gateshead

    “Teleperformance is a great place to work, where there is excellent staff morale. I would definitely recommend applying!” 

  • Irene, Bangor

    “I have been employed by Teleperformance for nine years. I left a career in the Army to raise my children and came to Teleperformance as a part time CSA when my children started school as a stepping stone. I thoroughly enjoyed helping customers and thoroughly enjoyed the contact centre environment that I decided I would make this a permanent career change. Through intercompany training and excellent support from my managers and our training department, I have worked my way through the various positions.

    I thoroughly enjoy working in Teleperformance and I work with a great team of staff, although at times it is very challenging and I can say that I get great job satisfaction from working in Teleperformance.”

  • Conor, Newry

    “Teleperformance is a great place to work because they take care of their employees at every level, which is exemplified by their genuine desire to help all employees to perform to the best  of their ability.

    The company are pro-active in their approach to coaching, training and improving each employee, both in their job and as an individual. Teleperformance offers a great opportunity to learn a lot and develop essential life skills. I have recommended Teleperformance to my friends and would recommend it to anyone as a great place to work.” 

  • John, Airdrie

    “Hi, my name is John .
    I have worked within the my project for over 5 years, working in Customer Care.  I joined Teleperformance because I was made redundant from my previous job, and I was looking to get my teeth into something “different”. 

    The call centre business was intriguing to me because I had never worked in a call centre environment – which made this job a challenge.  I love working here because my work varies from day to day – I get to turn my hand to a vast array of scenarios, making my job fresh and interesting.

    My colleagues, managers and staff make this a great place to work, as you get to have fun whilst working.  For this reason, I would recommend this company to anyone, as they allow me an opportunity to flourish within the role of Customer Service Representative – in a fun and vibrant environment.”

  • Rumana, Bristol

    “Teleperformance is a global company and is a good company to work for it helps you progress as a person and you establish to learn how to interact with different people as a whole.

    There are always opportunities in order to progress in other different areas such as the aspire programme which we can do in order to get into team leading. The environment is a fun place to work and I feel comfortable and secure.

    Overall TP has enabled me to build as the personality of Team Managers and Operations Managers are brilliant and supportive all the way through” 

  • Ryan, Bristol

    "Teleperformance is an awesome place to work. The training is great and the people are fantastic" 

  • Tanisha, Bristol

    “As a company Teleperformance is professional, has a good working atmosphere, and I have a fantastic team leader! I would recommend working here to my family and friends.”

  • Matt, Bristol

    “Teleperformance provides a great friendly atmosphere that brings together people from all walks of life to combine and provide an effective , high level service for its clients. Teleperformance understands the present day demands of call Centre operations and is always willing to reward its employees for excellence, passion and commitment.” 

  • Kim, Birmingham

    “Working for Teleperformance has been one of the best experiences of my life, it has taught me about the person I am and has given me lots of new skills and direction. It has increased my confidence in an easy going relaxed but yet professional environment, while been given all the training and skills needed for the job.

    Coming to work everyday has been easy and enjoyable because it's not like coming to work it's like coming to see your extended family.”