Awarded ‘NI Campaign of the Year’ at the Teleperformance Gala Ball held in the Crown Plaza Belfast on Saturday night
A very well deserved win and proud moment for everyone
#thankyou #proud2betp #eachinteractionmatters

For Fun Festival 2018

Teleperformance around the world showed just how talented their employees are at the For Fun Festival 2018. Thank you for your support and appreciation for this event! Keep those fun pictures coming! #Proud2beTP

Planting Trees in Columbia

Our volunteers from Teleperformance in Colombia planted trees at the mountainous area of Serranía del Majuy. Thank you for your support in our #COTP initiatives! Together, we can take good care of our environment. #TeleperformanceCares

Let’s Help Our Communities

Our #TPJoyHolidayDrive wants to give back to our less fortunate communities. Join us by volunteering or donating old toys so we can start spreading holiday cheer all around! #COTW Contact your local COTW ambassador or email: