Refer & Earn – FAQ

How do I refer my friend?

You will refer your friend by asking them to go onto the careers site that can be accessed via the TP Careers website and ensuring they fill in your details in the advert source (CCMS ident)

When will I get my first payment?

Once your friend has been confirmed in employment for over 30 days the payment will be included in your next salary. Eg if the 30 days is up on the 7th of the month it will be the same month, if the 30 days is on or after the 15th it will be the following months’ salary

When will I get my 2nd Payment?

Once your friend has completed 181 days’ employment. Checked on the 14th of each month

When will I get my 3rd Payment?

Once your friend has completed 366 days’ employment

I have not received any payments who do I contact?

Your team leader who will contact the RRE team to investigate

I was referred when will I get my payment?

Once you have completed 366 days’ employment

I referred my friend am I still going to be paid if they leave employment?

No your friend must still be in employment when the payment is due.

I work for an agency can I refer someone to work with TP?

No, refer and earn is only open to TP employees, check with your Agency for any local schemes they run.

I am a Team leader/ACCM can I still get the payment for referring someone?

Yes provided you are not directly involved in the recruitment/selection process and the person does not report to you directly.

My friend referred me and then left TP will I still get the final payment?


Why does my salary not show the full amount?

This sum is Tax deductible and must be declared as part of the earnings.